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Why trade with us?

With decades of experience in both domestic and international markets, Strathmore’s team constantly monitor the markets to identify growth opportunities and help investors make informed decisions. Proving invaluable in times of volatility, each client receives tailored advice and analysis from their dedicated adviser.

Technical and fundamental analysis supports our high conviction recommendations. We also provide bespoke analysis on upon request.

For institutions and clients with self-directed trades, we have a dedicated execution desk for orders to be professionally managed as well as block trades and special crossings. For overseas trades, we offer a night trading desk service

International Night Trading

Dedicated execution desk

Access to our intraday market commentary service

Block trade and large order execution

Benefit from a service offering that delivers strong information flow and results that align with your strategy.

Strathmore’s Securities Strategy

Strathmore clients can maintain a core holding of recommended blue-chip stocks while dedicating a portion of their portfolio to growth opportunities. Your Strathmore adviser will:

  • Complete top-down analysis to identify and reduce risk.

  • Trade in safe geopolitical markets.

  • Identify stocks suitable for range trading and trade based on pre-approved entry and exit levels.

  • Trade during dividend periods, buying stock in the runup to take advantage of companies predicted to perform well post-dividend announcement.

  • Identify growth opportunities in the domestic small cap resources market.

  • Provide intraday market analysis with valuable and specific recommendations.

Bespoke analysis on individual stocks

On request, your Strathmore adviser will complete bespoke analysis of individual stocks to determine if it fits into your wealth-building strategy. Each assessment of a potential stock investment includes:

  • Fundamental analysis: price-to-earnings ratio, growth, projected forecasts, and forward earnings guidance.

  • Technical analysis: charting, moving averages, and identifying patterns.

  • Top-down analysis: identifying macroeconomic risks and advice to minimise these risks.

  • Direct communication with companies for further research.

Trade execution

Strathmore provides execution services for institutions and clients who will direct their own trades, with our execution desk available to help clients manage orders. For example, large market orders can be professionally managed to minimise price volatility. Your adviser will also work to achieve the best pricing or volume-weighted average price (VWAP).
For illiquid stocks, the Strathmore team works on these transactions discretely over several days— another key factor in minimising price volatility. This service includes block trades and special crossings.

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What is a wholesale investor and what are the benefits?

Wholesale investors (also known as sophisticated or 708) can access investments not available to retail investors, such as secondary placements in ASX-listed companies, pre-IPOs and other capital raisings.

A wholesale investor is defined by the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) as a person or entity that has obtained a qualified accountant’s certificate stating that they have either/or: