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Why choose Strathmore?

At Strathmore, we believe in a personal approach to portfolio management. With a dedicated adviser, our portfolio management services give investors tailored capital protection, growth and income generation strategies. We also provide seamless access to both domestic and international markets, giving greater diversification and investing opportunities.

Bespoke strategies and advice
Whether your investments are held in an SMSF, family trust or other holdings, your dedicated adviser will provide you with bespoke strategies to protect and grow generational wealth. These strategies may include yield, specific sector allocations, income generation, diversification, and growth.

Providing clients with oversight and insight, a constant flow of valuable market information, and the added value of options strategies and large order management delivers peace of mind throughout your investment journey.

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Our Strategies

Options are an invaluable tool to enhance and protect portfolios, but they must be executed correctly. Strathmore’s advisers have decades of experience using options to boost yield, enhance downside protection during market uncertainty and as a low-cost, low-risk means of speculating on market movements.

Capital protection: using options to hedge risk and provide portfolio protection

When markets are under pressure, investors can feel uneasy about their portfolios and may be unwilling to unload their holdings. One common reason is the hesitation to realise capital gains which results in a taxable event. In situations like this, Strathmore can use its bought put or put spread strategy to protect individual stocks or entire portfolios against market corrections. This means investors can be protected without having to worry about tax concerns. This strategy can also allow investors to lower their outlay and risk to protect a larger share of their portfolio, no matter what drives volatility.

Income: using options to generate income

The Strathmore team uses two key strategies to generate additional income from blue-chipportfolios: covered calls and sold puts into buy/write.

These strategies combined provide blue chipinvestors with a better entry price, income generation and the ability to take advantage of bearish,neutral and bullish sentiment.

Growth: identifying opportunities and outperforming sectors

The Strathmore team are proactive when identifying sectors that have the potential for out performance. When building a client’s portfolio, the Strathmore team ensures that an appropriate weighting is given to these sectors to maximise capital gains. Within this strategy, the team will:

  • Identify stocks that are trading below fair value.

  • Access international and emerging markets where there is higher growth potential.

  • Access small cap resources stocks and corporate opportunities, providing exponentialgrowth opportunities.

For investors looking to reduce their entry price on growth opportunities, the team can also buildportfolios using sold put options.

Market commentary and insights that matter

Strathmore’s team has access to a wide array of financial data. Whether it’s a central bank’s rate decision, company earnings announcements or employment data, the team uses this information inconjunction with its options strategies to make sure you’re always well positioned.

The team monitors intraday movements, trading volumes, short interest, stock weightings and index sector movements through our licenced trading systems. The team’s relationships with market makers, economic commentators and overseas brokers ensure geopolitical and macroeconomic risks are always addressed. These relationships, combined with technical analysis and data across the futures, swaps and commodities markets, ensure all aspects of a market or trade are covered.

Price and news-specific alerts

Delivered via email, Strathmore’s bit-sized live and market updates are valued due to their specific,strategic and timely nature. Whether sector or company-specific, every update provides invaluableinsight to keep you in sync with your portfolio and the markets.

Access to international and emerging markets

Our portfolio services give clients access to expand their investment to overseas and emerging markets.

Trade execution

Strathmore provides execution services for clients who will direct their own trades, with our execution desk available to help clients manage orders. For example, large market orders can be professionally managed to minimise price volatility. Your adviser will also work to achieve the best pricing or volume-weighted average price (VWAP). And for illiquid stocks, the Strathmore team works on these transactions discretely over several days — another key factor in minimising price volatility.

International Trading

Benefits of investing internationally

Diversification: Spreading your investments beyond your home market can provide significant diversification benefits. For example, the Australian market is overweight the resources and financial sectors. If there are downturns in these sectors, your portfolio is likely to be negatively affected. This negative impact could be mitigated by having exposure to other sectors, such as US technology stocks.

More growth opportunities: International investing gives clients a larger investable universe and therefore greater access to growth opportunities. Clients can also benefit from foreign exchange movements by investing in regions which are expected to have stronger currencies than others.

Access to overseas options markets: Strathmore gives clients full access to the overseas options market. This provides all the tools you need and the access that you’re accustomed to having in the domestic options market.

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What is a wholesale investor and what are the benefits?

Wholesale investors (also known as sophisticated or 708) can access investments not available to retail investors, such as secondary placements in ASX-listed companies, pre-IPOs and other capital raisings.

A wholesale investor is defined by the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) as a person or entity that has obtained a qualified accountant’s certificate stating that they have either/or: