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Our night trading desk (active from 11 pm – 7 am AEST) assists clients in achieving best execution on overseas markets through the night.

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Night trading desk service

Strathmore Investment Management is actively engaged in trading equities and options on overseas markets. Over 98% of the world’s equities are not listed on the Australian market. Exposure to international markets provides investors with a wider array of investment opportunities as well as portfolio diversification. Our streamlined process makes international trading fast and easy.

For some investors, a barrier to trading on international markets is the time difference. Our night trading desk (active from 11 pm – 7 am AEST) assists clients in achieving best execution through the night.

Features of an international
trading account with Strathmore:

Simple one-off application process

No complex forms and continuous tax reporting. All dividends and trading income direct to your account. No need for foreign registries.

Multi-currency portfolio trading

Deposit and trade using US Dollars, Pound Sterling, Euros, Swiss Francs, Hong Kong Dollars and Singapore Dollars

Automated EOFY tax reports

Simplified tax reporting of your yearly trading, currency, and capital gains

Benefits of international investing:


Added diversification

Spreading your investments beyond your home market into different countries can help diversify your portfolio. This can minimise the impact that poor market conditions in one region can have on your overall portfolio.


Higher growth

International investing provides exposure to the potential of higher growth in foreign countries. It is important to remember, however, that while some countries may have higher growth and potential returns, they can also have a higher level of risk.


Avoiding the pitfalls of home bias

You can invest in companies, industries (particularly technology and biotechnology) and other asset classes that are not available or which are under-represented on the ASX.

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