Opportunities for wholesale and institutional investors.

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Through our professional networks, the team at Strathmore have regular access to high-quality corporate opportunities.

These opportunities are typically secondary placements in ASX-listed companies that are exclusive to sophisticated and institutional clients. All corporate deals are subject to a rigorous vetting process before being presented to clients.

Some of the factors that we take into consideration when vetting an opportunity include;


When assessing the transaction;

  • The liquidity of the opportunity.
  • Whether the proposed use of funds make sense.
  • The runway that the transaction affords the company.
  • The level of administrative costs and other overheads.
  • The potential catalysts which are expected to occur over time after the funds are raised.


When assessing management and the board of directors;

  • Their accessibility when we have questions about the company.
  • Their track-record for creating value for shareholders.
  • Their reputation and overall professionalism.
  • Their alignment with shareholders.
  • Salaries and incentive structures.


When assessing the valuation and the company’s financial health;

  • Several years of financial statements of the company.
  • The expected cash burn of the company if relevant.
  • Comparative analysis to relevant peer companies.
  • The application of traditional financial valuation tools (such as P/E, forward P/E, discounted cashflow analysis) to determine a yardstick for fair value.
  • Any significant risks the company may encounter given the size and nature of the business, and whether these risks are within reasonable limits given the potential upside for the company.

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What is a wholesale investor and what are the benefits?

Wholesale investors (also known as sophisticated or 708) can access investments not available to retail investors, such as secondary placements in ASX-listed companies, pre-IPOs and other capital raisings.

A wholesale investor is defined by the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) as a person or entity that has obtained a qualified accountant’s certificate stating that they have either/or: